The world’s most viable
end-to-end crypto
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Pay Protocol is a simple and convenient cryptocurrency payment platform for both e-commerce and retail use. It is a cryptocurrency project supported by Danal, a payment company based in South Korea. By combining Danal's 20 years of experience in payments with blockchain technology, Pay Protocol aims to mitigate the pain points of traditional payment systems, mainly excessive intermediary processes and high fees caused by them and slow payment schedules.


  • Customer

    Online and Offline Multi-Currency Payments

    Token Rewards for Transaction Participation

    Familiar Payment Experience Integrated with Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency-Enabled Cheaper Payments Options

  • Merchant

    Convenient Payment Integration

    Low Fees and Real-Time Settlement

    Promotion through Merchant Tools (Discount, Installment, Coupon, etc)

    Multi-Cryptocurrency Settlement for Merchants (Fiat or Crypto)

  • Payment

    New Tokens Generated and Distributed

    Real-Time Exchange of Cryptocurrencies

    Ecosystem Populated by Third Party Service Providers

    Partnerships with Danal's Pre-Existing Network


  • Accessible

    PayProtocol aims towards bridging the gap between users and merchants through blockchain technology. Which is why we provide an easy integration tool fit for both retail and e-commerce settings.

    Pay Protocol provides API and SDK for e-commerce integration, development API for retail Point of Sale (POS) device, and smartphone POS apps for merchants that cannot install POS systems. This allows us to connect all payment channels via a single solution.

  • Multi-Cryptocurrency

    Pay Protocol allows users and merchants to choose the currency when trading. Pay Protocol supports a broad range of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, and stable coins, and fiat money as well. Users and merchants are then free to use whichever currency they want when they make and receive payments.

    Additionally, Pay Protocol has an integrated native token PAY. Validators are chosen based on the Pay Token Holder's votes. Pay Tokens contribute to the Promotion Pool that incentivizes trading. A portion of the Pay Tokens are credited to the Customer Payback Pool. Staked Pay Tokens also enable faster settlements.

  • Merchant Friendly

    Pay Protocol has obtained over 20 years of payments knowledge and merchant relationships from Danal, and has the ability to provide an effective management system based on the transaction data.

    Pay Protocol provides an integrated merchant management system that allows merchants to manage their transactions, apply promotions, and specify other payment-related policies. Using this system, merchants can manage their information and data for each channel under a single window, select promotions including discounts and coupons, and manage other transaction policies.

Token Economy

The core foundation of Pay Protocol's token economy is based on four principles. Pay Protocol's platform maintains a transparent structure that leaves decision-making rights to merchants. Customers are compensated relative to the tokens they have staked to support the ecosystem. Validators, which are similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum miners, are rewarded with tokens as an incentive for providing the computational infrastructure. Since convenient user experience is our top priority, third party wallets will also be integrated.

Pay Protocol uses its native cryptocurrency called Pay. Pay tokens have various utilities that increase the innate value of Pay Protocol's economy. Customers can use our tokens to purchase products and services from merchants. Using Pay tokens makes a customer eligible for payback rewards, thus incentivizing token use. Lastly, merchants can stake Pay tokens to obtain lower fees and manage their settlement cycles.

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  • $5 Billion
  • Market Share in
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    Mobile Payments
  • 100K+
  • Online & Offline
    Partners & Merchants

Danal, Inc. is a provider of mobile business solutions, enabling mobile payments, mobile commerce, marketing, and mobile wallet services. Danal's platform offers financial institutions and major retailers groundbreaking mobile transaction risk management services, and streamlined, customer conversion solutions that lower customer abandon rates during registration and checkout.

Danal’s Key Clients



  • Anthony Cho


    Anthony has experience operating numerous businesses in China, polished from dealing with mobile operators and payment partners across the vast country. One of the major roles he played was obtaining the license required to service WeChat in South Korea.
  • Eddy Ryu


    Eddy was the developer behind South Korea's very first carrier billing. He has successfully maintained a payment system that was free from critical errors for 20 years. His achievements include finding new, better ways to process transactions and simplify APIs to improve the overall quality of the payments we use today.
  • John Lee


    John is a payments specialist with a wide range of skills including marketing, PR, and policy development. His expertise lies in inspecting policies and regulations and bringing positive changes to businesses.
  • Neo Jin


    Neo structuralized asset liquidation in the payments industry, which was the first among payment gateways. He carries 15 years of experience in accounting, finance, and tax, and also won against a lawsuit and defended his company against unjust taxing.
  • David Lee


    With experience in starting new services and investing in start-ups, David is an expert at guiding new businesses to success. He has also worked closely with global companies to help accelerate their projects targeting South Korea.
  • Young Il Kim


    Young Il has previously worked at different banks in China. Now, focusing on payments, he puts his financial knowledge and experience to use on a number of projects including mobile remittance and cross-border payment platforms.


  • Jung Wook Shin

    Technical Director

    Jung Wook helped construct the mobile carrier billing system and is now mainly responsible for its operation. He also designed and constructed Danal's risk management and fraud detection systems as well as the tier structure of mobile users.
  • Sang Hyun Kim

    Technical Director

    Sang Hyun is a payments process designer and participated in various development projects. He manages the overall operation and systematic construction of all mobile payment-related systems.
  • Means Kim


    Since obtaining his license in 2014, Means has actively worked as Danal's lawyer, tackling regulations from various fields and building experience. He is now also part of the blockchain project and oversees all legal affairs.
  • Jae Hoon Kim

    Marketing Manager

    Jae Hoon is highly experienced in user verification services and has led diverse marketing projects in payments and e-commerce. His specialty lies in maximizing customer experience, which also involves improving procedures used in payments.
  • Julie Hahn

    Marketing Manager

    Julie manages the overall operation of international payments and merchant onboarding. She regularly speaks with various partners and merchants and assists with marketing that's heavily focused on overseas.